Stanislaus County Fair: EmpowHER Lounge

Stanislaus County Fair: EmpowHER Lounge

We’re so excited to be a sponsor at the EmpowHER Lounge at the Stanislaus County Fair this year! The EmpowHER Lounge is geared towards inspiring young girls to be great leaders in our community. Each day there will be a different topic that attendees will hear about that will guide them towards being more empowered in their lives. Topics include:

Health and Fitness by WELL Women

Body image/Feel confident in your own skin WELL Women

Speaking up by WELL Women

Finding your Calling by WELL Women

Girls Who Code (Tuesday) by Dr. Viji Sundar

Social Media by WELL Women

Girls Scouts STEM (Tuesday)

Women in Media by 209 Magazine

Girls Who Code (Thursday) by Dr. Viji Sundar

How to be a young Entrepreneur by Hailey

Girls Scouts STEM (Thursday)

Be Responsible on Social Media

SHE BECAME (Saturday) by WELL Women

Building Financial Confidence by WELL Women

How to handle a toxic boss


Interview Skills by WELL Women

The Posh Booth will be there every day ready to capture this amazing event. Our booth will have “Girl Power” themed props that attendees will be able to use in the booth and share a photo of themselves to remember the amazing experience at the EmpowHER Lounge.

To register for a seminar click here and choose the seminar you would like to attend.

Hope to see you there!

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